Leadership, Coaching and Change Management

Adapting to the new business context with a view to achieving greater synergies and freeing up resources to make the tools to be adopted effective, encouraging both the contribution of all collaborators in the company’s development effort and the acquisition of tools to address the difficult situations with the support of the management team.


› Leadership

› Manager vs Leader: a comparative analysis of behaviour

› A synthesis model: “Situational leadership”

› Innovative leaders

› Challenge conventional thinking

› Act on complexity

› Identify and develop new, creative and innovative solutions

› Corporate and leadership culture

› How change occurs in an organization

› What people are involved and with what reactions

› Because you resist change

› The role of leaders

› Identify the reasons for resistance and overcome them individually and in groups

› How to become an agent of change

› How to transform your collaborators into change agents.

› Communicate the change

› Manage the phases of the change process according to the Kotter model

› Use different approaches, tools and information of climate analysis to manage change


Managers who, individually and with their team, want to deal with projects and processes of change, keeping the degree of motivation and the organizational climate high and up to the assigned objectives.


80 hours


2.000 euros