Manager 4.0 – Executive Master in Digital integration&Transformation

The program deals with the theme of “digital transformation” in a unique and innovative way.
To this end, the course also makes use of a guided learning experience on a MOOC dedicated to complexity.
The program, which can be financed with the Interprofessional Funds (particularly the Fondirigenti Notices), is a Training Plan that provides an innovative path to “achieve skills to design and / or start a digital transformation path by defining needs, objectives, economic resources. , techniques, necessary skills and actions to be taken”.


Scenario Workshops (Technology Forecasting & Planning)

› Session A) “Inspirational” (Strategical issues)

› Session B) “Thinking Tools” (Organizational issues and Leadership 4.0)

› Session C) “Enabling” (Technical issues)

› Research-Action supported by an Executive Coach

› MOOC – Introduction to Complexity

– A Master for Industry 4.0

The course is eligible for the tax credit for training activities aimed at the acquisition or consolidation, by employees of the company, of the skills in the relevant technologies for the realization of technological transformation process and digital format for companies as in “National Business Plan 4.0” (area “m”” digital integration of business processes).


Professionals interested in digital transformation dynamics in the organization, planning, control and improvement of the business


160 hours


5.000 euros