STOA’ supports companies and the business world (entrepreneurs, startuppers, managers) in managing change, innovation and training.

We guide organizations and value people.


Training for businesses includes courses for developing skills, company skills and managerial effectiveness in guiding and managing organizational change. It is divided into different solutions designed for each kind of recipients, duration, topics covered, teaching methodology and totally tailored programs.

Design and implementation of Stoà courses is based on an integrated vision of business processes, in line with the needs of client companies and individual participants.

Training activity is always focused on real business experiences and problems, thus allowing a full and profitable sharing and enhancement of the wealth of knowledge and skills.

STOA’ for businesses:

  • FUNDED TRAINING – Stoà supports companies in presentation, management and reporting of initiatives financed by Interprofessional Funds and by public funding for training.

Interprofessional funds for continuous training, established by Italian Law 388/2000, are associative bodies promoted by the representative organizations of the Social Partners through specific Interconfederal Agreements, promoted by trade unions of employers and workers to finance corporate, territorial, sectoral or individual training, agreed between the social partners.

Companies can join one of the Interprofessional Joint Funds by allocating 0.30% of the contributions paid to Italian INPS (the so-called “compulsory contribution for involuntary unemployment”) and the chosen Fund will, in turn, finance training for workers.

Stoà manages training courses financed under Fondimpresa and the Main Interprofessional Joint Funds: Fondo Artigianato Formazione – Fon.Coop – Fondimpresa – Fondo Dirigenti PMI – Fondo Formazione PMI – FONDIR. – FOR.TE. – Fondirigenti – FON.TER. – Fondoprofessioni – Fond.E.R. – Fon.Ar.Com. – For.Agri. – Fondazienda.


Stoà distinctive competence lies in “tailor-made” programs for companies.

The training plan for each customer is built modularly, possibly integrating tailored training, inter-company training and consultancy.

› Training and Consulting for Health and Welfare to public and private companies

› Consulting services, targeted interventions on individual companies and / or on the individual who are custom-designed

› Training courses on specific and innovative Management Themes using high quality teachers and sector consultants and a methodology that also privileges personal growth

› Executive seminars as a moment of updating and comparison on particularly topical issues

› Human Resources development, position evaluation, potential evaluation, performance management.