Stoà is an accredited partner for training of the Public Administration, public services and local development.

The strategies and models of the Public Administration evolve rapidly in the direction of the managerial management of organizations to offer more value to citizens and businesses.

To understand which is the actual profile for managerial culture, we must reflect on radical changes in work, its forms, its contents in businesses and organizations.

The production processes have completely changed with the evolution of industry 4.0 and manufacturing 4.0. This mutation of the companies must penetrate more deeply into the P.A., which is required ability to plan and have projects that can be spent in fixed times.

Public managers are certainly asked for efficiency, effectiveness, responsibility, correct use of resources, fight against waste, but also the exit from bureaucratic approaches. Having good public management helps, together with other factors, to create a local context that maintains and attracts businesses, capitals and people.

In addition to the application of management in the public sector, Public Management has to innovate public governance, adopting information technologies (e-government), challenging the globalization at the P.A. (New Public Management) and local development.

Stoà develops research and consultancy and training intervention programs to adapt the competences of the Public Administration to the ongoing change, to support territorial innovation and the improvement of local governance systems.

FILA – Training / Work Plan for former recipients of social safety nets | Regione Campania

FILA is the program implemented by the Campania Region to encourage job placement of former earners of social safety nets (NASPI or CIG), and the employment of people with greater difficulty of job placement. If you are a former earner of social safety nets since 1 January 2014, actually without income support and not beneficiary of other active policy measures, resident or living in Campania, access the FILA Program, multiplying the opportunities to enter the world of work.

To register, contact public operators such as employment centres (CPI) or private operators such as employment agencies (APL) of the Campania region.

TRAINING CATALOGUE “FILA” – Training / Work Plan for former recipients of social safety nets actually without income support (d.g.r. 420/2016 e d.g.r. 253/17)

Public Tender approved D.D. 894 del 20/11/2017

Free courses aimed at former recipients of social safety nets now without income support.

STOA ’S.C.p.A., an institution accredited by the Campania Region, organizes the following FILA training courses

› Course “MECHANICAL OPERATOR” Course code: L1- 5240

› Course “PAINTING OPERATOR” Course code: L1- 5055

Who can apply these totally free courses:

› Former earners of social safety nets since 01/01/2014 now without income support;

› Residents or living in the Campania Region;

› Enrolled in the competent employment centres;

› The courses have a duration of 600 hours, 360 in classroom and 240 of internship. Not beneficiaries of other active policy measures at the date of accession and who have not benefited from similar measures on other programs (eg Youth Guarantee and Relocate me);

› A participation fee of € 5.00 is expected for each hour of presence.

Attendance is compulsory (absences in any capacity are allowed within the maximum limit of 20% of the course).

Training will take place at ISIS FERRARIS-BUCCINI Via Madonna della Libera 131, Marcianise (CE), the internship in companies in the reference sector.

Each worker is required to communicate his acceptance of the “FITNESS”, completing and signing the “DECLARATION OF ACCEPTANCE” with the attached valid identification document attached, by midnight on the seventh day in calendar following publication of the “LIST OF APPLICATIONS”, in the following ways:

› certified e-mail:

› ordinay e-mail: (please, attached files in pdf format)

› delivered by hand at: STOA’ ISTITUTO DI STUDI PER LA DIREZIONE DI IMPRESA – Villa Campolieto, Corso Resina 283 – Ercolano (Na)




for any further information 081-7882226