The MILD Master aims at training professionals capable of designing, promoting and monitoring policies for local development, for internationalization and innovation of companies, for planning and management of European funds.

Central Public Administrations, Regions, Local Authorities, and companies that provide technical assistance services on the one hand, entrepreneurial systems and business consultancy companies on the other, express an increasingly growing need for highly qualified professional figures, expert in the use of community resources that can work alongside the public system and the private system for the use of funds, linked to the implementation of the 2014/2020 Operational Programs, and in general to the implementation of all Community programs.

At the end of the course, the professionals will have specific knowledge of the socio-economic dynamics for local development; will know how to manage an entire project cycle connected to local development policies (especially European projects and those deriving from local consultation) on behalf and in close collaboration with local administrations and businesses.

The training program provides for a total commitment of 1,200 hours of training, of which 7004 months – of internships in institutions, consultancy and technical assistance companies and companies.

Participants, for the achievement of the Master Diploma, are required to have an effective attendance of at least 80% of the total number of hours.

The Master adopts tested interactive teaching methods and starts from the in-depth analysis of the principles of management applied to both companies and public administrations; then the focus is on the issues of territorial development and the use of public resources at local, regional, national and international level, with particular reference to European funds. Prominent witnesses from the economic, business, consultancy and institutional world, holding top-level positions in public and private bodies and institutions add value to the classroom training.

Project work / internships are qualified consultancy interventions on development projects, carried out by students individually or in work groups within entities and organizations. During this phase the students are supported by tutors from the School and by representatives of the host bodies, with which they periodically check the work and the contents of the internship report.

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