The School

Stoà was established in 1987 by IRI (Italian Institute for Reconstruction), led by Romano Prodi. Thanks to the cooperation with eminent Sloan School of Management in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stoà, at that time directed by Tiziano Treu, started the first edition of Master in Business Administration (MBA) in 1990, actually Master in Direzione e Gestione d’Impresa, having such great teachers as David Norman, Don Lessard, Richard Locke David Ulrich and Lester Thurow.

Nowadays Stoà is a no profit Consortium; among the shareholders there are Adler Plastic, Laer Aviation Group, University of Naples Federico II, University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, University of Naples Parthenope, University of Salerno, University of Naples L’Orientale, Naples Commerce Chamber, the City Councils in the Golden Mile area, Foundation Ente Ville Vesuviane.

After 30 years of activity, Stoà has created a heritage of knowledge, high training, sharing experiences and managerial techniques, available for Universities, Professionals, Managers and Associations, to create value.

We represent the most important and historical School of Management in the Southern Italy, ranked among the first 10 Italian Business Schools.

We take care of the digital transformation 4.0, that’s why Stoà has training paths dedicated both at a polytechnical view and at specializations, having the focus on human resource to develop organizations, business and Public Administration.
*source: review Espansione – October 2015

Counting on a network made of 300 business market leaders, 2500 former Master students, 9000 among managers, professionals and directors, partnerships with the biggest Universities and High Schools, Stoà, thanks to its 30-years experience in High Training, research and advice, plans and realizes:

› Master courses for graduated, to help young people with University degree enter the labour market, having a focus on the business requests

› Executive Masters to help professionals, managers and knowledge workers in developing their careers

› Vocational coursesfor students

› Managerial trainingfor business

› A catalogue of courses and customized projects for firms and organizations

› Consulting and technical advice for public and private organizations
› Studies and researches to spread managerial culture

› Events and meetings in scientific and economic field

Stoà is business partner of FACA Foundation –Aerospace Campania Academy Foundation, Foundation ITS MA.ME. – Technical High Institute New Technologies for Made in Italy – Mechanical Manufacturing, and is shareholder of Campania Aerospace District and head of Training Hub NEA for Aerospace.