ITS Mame

STOA’ is a founding partner of Foundation ITS MA.ME. – Technical High Institute New Technologies for Made in Italy – Mechanical Manufacturing, together with the State Technical Industrial Institute EUGENIO BARSANTI (Reference Institute), the FERMI-GADDA Technical Pole, the State Technical Industrial Institute ETTORE MAIORANA, the State High Education Institute ATTILIO ROMANÒ, the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Naples FEDERICO II, ABETE Srl, ADLER PLASTIC SpA, Tecno Tessile ADLER Srl, DEMA SpA, LAER SpA, NOVOTECH Aerospace Advanced Technology Srl and the Municipality of Pomigliano d’Arco.

Foundation ITS MA.ME. satisfies the need for new competencies in the mechanical and aeronautical sector of the Automotive and Aerospace business.

ITS are formed as a ‘participation foundation’, a sort of “small polytechnic” offering a specialized training on a particular product sector, with a high percentage of in-company training and a work-based teaching activity project, case simulation, laboratory to train a “super-technician”.

The two-year ITS MAME courses create professionals in assisting companies to adopt and implement innovations in the field of 4.0 technologies and for the sustainability over time of systems and processes, with a higher degree of industrial automation, paying specific attention to Product Life Time Management (PLM), system maintenance and continuous improvement of process performance, productivity, quality, promise and customer service.

The professional figures dedicated to the design, production, development and maintenance of industrial automation systems will be oriented towards cyber-physical integration, based on advanced sensors for distributed control of processes and processing of data relating to product quality, planning, programming and production control. Transversal skills needed for integration of automation systems are also developed.

The ITS – Higher Technical Institutes are Post-Diploma Technical Specialization Paths, arising from the application of the Decree of the Italian President of the Council of Ministers in 2008, with the aim of ensuring a stable offer of biennial courses in technological areas and in coherence with European economic programming, national and regional.

In fact, they refer to the 6 strategic areas for the country’s economic development and competitiveness:

1 – Energy efficiency

2 – Sustainable mobility

3 – New life technologies

4 – New technologies for Made in Italy

5 – Innovative technologies for cultural heritage and activities – Tourism

6 – Information and communication technologies


FACA – Fondazione Aerospazio Campania Academy

On April 15th, 2014, FACA – Aerospace Campania Academy Foundation – Higher Education and Enhancement of Human Capital in the Aerospace sector of Campania was born.

The founders are:

STOA ‘- Institute of Studies for Business Management and Administration, DAC – Aerospace District of Campania, University of Naples Federico II, University of Parthenope Studies, Foundation Villaggio dei Ragazzi, ITI Barsanti of Pomigliano d’Arco, ITIS Enrico Fermi of Naples, Leonardo Technical Training.

The Foundation wants to promote and implement a permanent system of high qualification of people, employed and otherwise, to systematically and progressively improve the specialist know-how of the aerospace sector, in order to have the necessary human capital to accompany the industrial development of the sector.


›Development of managerial skills

›Implementation of specialized technical skills related to the introduction of new technological advances (Learning Center)

›Enhancement of professional skills issued by the school system

›Certification of skills

›Training and education for managers, executives, middle managers, employees and workers

›Organization and management of training courses on their own and for others

›Research and studies with particular reference to the job market in the aerospace sector

NEA – Network Aerospazio

Training Pole NEA for Aerospace


Training Centres: STOA’ (leader), Consaer, ERFAP–UIL Campania, IAL Campania, Ares

Schools: ITA Villaggio dei Ragazzi, Maddaloni – Polo Fermi-Gadda, Napoli – ITI Barsanti, Pomigliano d’Arco – ITIS Giulio Cesare Falco, Capua – ITC Sereni, Afragola – ITI Lucarelli, Benevento – IISS Luigi Vanvitelli, Lioni – IIS Marconi, Torre Annunziata

Associated Companies: Aerospace District of Campania (DAC) – EMA – Vulcanair

Other associated: Ires Campania – Confindustria Caserta – Uniservizi – Technapoli – Delta Club Napoli – Aeropolis -Unione Industriale di Napoli.

The Network aims of promoting the dissemination of knowledge and professional technical skills to support measures for the development of the economy and active labour policies.

Activities Polo NEA:

› Promote the coherence of technical and professional education courses, realized in the territory with the needs of the production fabric, enhancing the contribution of companies in defining training needs and in planning and implementing the courses

› Promote dynamic learning contexts, enhancing the organizational flexibility of educational and training institutions

› Realize learning paths with school-work experiences

› Promote the diffusion of culture and technical-professional competence with a view to qualifying and requalifying the aerospace supply chain

› Support measures for the development of economy and active labour policies

› Strengthen the relationship between the education/training system and technological research systems, to encourage the transfer of industrial research to businesses

› To privilege on-the-job training, mainly the promotion of apprenticeship contracts

› Be a reference for young people in the area to recover the know-how gap

› Strengthen basic skills and combat early school leaving

› Support the integration between education, training and work systems, especially technical-professional centres