The Advanced Training Course in Public Management is managed by the University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”, by Stoà – Institute of Studies for Business Management and Administration and with the didactic and scientific contribution of SDA Bocconi.

The course transfers technical and managerial skills to face the change in the Public Administration, in general, and local administrations, in particular, offering legal, economic, financial and accounting, managerial, labour law and sociological skills.

The course is aimed at those entering the Public Administration, with particular regard to Local Authorities.

After obtaining the qualification in the Advanced Training Course in Public Management, they can join the central and also territorial Public Administrations of the State (Municipalities, Provinces, Regions) and in the agencies that perform delegated functions (control, sector policy management).

Moreover, the course may also interest current employees of the Public Administration, who need continuous training and professional growth, in order to use and integrate skills from different disciplines to better manage complex systems.

The 136 hours course, which will take place between October and December 2019, includes:

› a basic path, to analyse the context of the public sector, the objectives it is called to pursue and the operating logic, deepening the skills relating to both the political and management spheres and the related methods of interaction, then focus on the managerial dimension by addressing planning and control, administrative and financial management, human resource management, procurement management, relations with the control bodies;

› ​​a specialist module, to choose between an administrative and economic-financial path and one on communication, information and external relations.

The qualification to access the course is the Bachelor’s degree or specialist or master’s degree. Near-graduates, who have accomplished all the exams, with the exception of the thesis, are admitted.

The University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli” will recognize 12 curricular ECTS credits for students who have completed the training course.

In addition, the academic title will value for scoring in public competitions, including the single territorial course-competition for local authorities of the Campania Region launched under the regional initiative “Plan for the Work for Public Administrations of Campania”.

The selection notice expires on 30 September 2019.

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