The first level University Master in Business Management and Administration – Business Innovation, one on five Masters accredited by Asfor in General Management, is carried out jointly by the University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli” and STOÀ – Institute of Studies for Business Management and Administration and provides 60 ECTS.

The Master wants to complete and specialize the preparation provided by universities, to direct it incisively towards the needs and tasks of strategic business functions.

The Master is addressed at young people who, after graduating, are highly motivated to increase their professional potential, following a highly demanding training path which, starting from the development of basic skills in the various areas of management, leads to an organic and cross-functional vision of business problems, through interactive teaching, using continuous contact with companies in every sector and with direct field trials.

The link with national and international companies, strengthened during the years, represents the premise of the continuous enrichment both of the Master’s educational contents and of the prospects offered to students who know how to seize them with profit.

The formative value of the Master in Business Management and Administration – Business Innovation and its proven effectiveness in ensuring young people inclusion in national and international companies has helped to guarantee all these years the prestigious ASFOR certification, confirming its excellence and competitiveness.


The Master program in Business Management and Administration has a total duration of 1700 hours (of which 960 internships) with a full-time commitment, from Monday to Friday, 9.00 – 18.00.

The training course is organized in:
– 4.5 months of classroom activities (lessons, applications and team work), about the major issues relating to the national and international economic scenario, the functional aspects of the company, the tasks and responsibilities of management;

– 6 months of internship for the development of the project work, the final phase of the Master program, in which each student, guest of a suitably selected company, carries out, with the support of the Stoà tutors, a project / intervention designed to experiment and enhance the professionalism and knowledge acquired during the classroom phase.

At the end of the master, those who have carried out the activities, fulfilled their obligations and passed the final test, will receive the Master’s degree in “Business Management and Administration – Business Innovation” with the award of 60 ECTS.

This is the study plan:

1. Business System in the competitive context
In this phase through the classroom is levelled about basic knowledge and the use of the most important analysis techniques for the study of business problems.

2. Management Innovation Tools
Quantitative tools for management

3. Life skills
Tools for personal and team effectiveness

4. Business management, functions and processes
Knowledge for a systemic vision of the company through the analysis of its main functional subsystems. The proposed subjects address the fundamental issues about the development and management of the company’s productive, financial and commercial resources. Corporate policies – with particular attention to internationalization and innovation issues – and the organizational changes necessary to support their development are critically addressed

5. Innovation in action
Intermediate work for projects in the thematic areas of study

6. Project work
Final project in which the learning teams develop “consultancy” jobs, defined with the companies that collaborate with the Master and under the supervision of a company contact person (eg sector analysis, new product design, customer portfolio analysis…)

7. Internship
Final moment and experimental check of the whole training course, the internship offers each student the opportunity to experience the achieved ability to deal with well-identified problems in the field, interesting for the company in which the student – like an effective resource of the company itself – it is called to carry out a six-month internship.

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